The Western States Weak Signal Net 
Every Sunday 0030-0130 UTC
3.920 MHz (80m) -AND- 144.200 MHz (2m)

SoCal Weak Signal Nets

 Day  Time PST  Frequency  Net Control Grid   Notes
 Monday  1930  222.100  N/A  N/A  An informal gathering every week
           No net control. Check-ins from
           DM03, CM94, CM97, DM04
 Tuesday  1900  144.230  W6IPT, Ed  DM13  The San Diego 2m SSB Net. Ed
           looks south from Escondido, CA @
           1900, then north to L.A. @ 1930.
 Wednesday  1930  144.240  Various
 DM13  This is the long running Swap and
           Information Net. In memory of David,
           KI6FF, various net control operators
           work stations up & down the coast
 Wednesday  2030  144.210  N6KTH, Ken  DM04  The Santa Barbara 2m Roundtable
           Pre-net @ 2000, Roundtable @ 2030
 Thursday  1900  432.120  WO1S, John  DM13  John drives to the hills above Laguna
           Beach, CA for a great signal in all
           directions. He hears well, too.
 Friday  2000  1296.100  K6TSK, Ralph  DM03  Ralph has a little power and a 4-bay
           antenna from Anaheim, CA. He takes
           early check-ins before the hour and then
           works all compass directions.
 Sunday  1900  432.100  K6NC, Mike  CM98  Mike runs the NorCal 432 Net from
           Wilton, CA. He looks south for check-ins
           from 1920-1930. Early check-ins
@ 1845.
 Sunday      2000  144.250  W6DWI, Robin  CM98  Listen for Robin from Davis, CA.  
          I hope I got this info right.  
 Sunday 1930  144.240  N6EQ, Chuck
 DM14  Chuck is running a "re-boot" of one of
           out favorite nets from the past. Listen
          for all the Bozos with check-ins from
Utah, Arizona, Nevada, NorCal, et al
 Sunday  2030  50.150  AA6DD, Will  DM13  Will is in Riverside for SoCal 6 Meter Club
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